Series Updates: Download Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 20

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Episode Info:

Ever since Lethal Weapon’s very first episode, a highly important question to the series is what does Martin Riggs need to be happy. Through the first season that need appears to be justice for his dead wife and bitter vengeance for her killer. Lethal Weapon’s second season widens the scope of that question and brings closure with Riggs’ father into the equation, but it’s still not a clear-cut answer. At times it appears that Riggs’ goal is to break every rule that there is within the police department and at other moments it honestly looks like he wants to die and be put out of the misery.

Riggs is an enigma that’s wrapped in a riddle that’s wrapped in a truck. There’s a reason that the character’s therapy sessions are such a crucial part of the series. “Jesse’s Girl” tries to answer some of the fundamental questions that define Riggs and it’s kind of heartbreaking to learn that in a much simpler time, all that Riggs ever wanted was to have a family and to be a good dad. Now that he’s found himself with essentially that, it’s time to see if he can maintain that dream and keep things golden through the end of the season.


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