Series Updates: Download MacGyver Season 1, Episode 14 and 15

Download MacGyver Season 1, Episode 14 and 15 below.. First, A little recap…..


MacGyver season 1 episode 15 opens on a young couple in San Francisco. Unfortunately, a masked killer interrupts their romantic evening.

At the Phoenix Foundation, Angus MacGyver builds a robot. So, Jack Dalton reveals he’s terrified of robots. But, Wilt Bozer assures him that the first application of robots will be in the field of patient care.

Later, Matty Webber tells the team about the killer, who seems exactly like the Zodiac Killer. She says, “Copycat or not, we’re gonna find him.”

Bozer tells Riley Davis about the Zodiac Killer’s first victims in 1968. He explains that the killer went on to murder 37 people.


MacGyver and Dalton talk to a squatter who lived across from the victim, Vanessa Frank. He tells them about a man in his 70s in the area. So, Dalton turns to MacGyver and asks, “You thinking what I’m thinking?” MacGyver replies, “If this is true, we might save one of the greatest crime stories of all time.”

MacGyver searches a room in the house across from Vanessa’s that had a view into her window. And he figures out a way to find a footprint without any forensics equipment.

MacGyver, Dalton and Matty find a secret room with a laptop where someone was sending email correspondence using the same code as the original Zodiac Killer. Later, While Riley works on tracking the sender and recipient of the emails, a man sneaks into her hotel room.

The man abducts Riley. He tapes her to a chair. Then, he tells her that no one’s ever going to find her.

Riley pleads with the killer. She says that she hasn’t seen his face, so he can let her go and she’d never be able to identify him. But, he takes off his mask and………….


Download Episode 14



Download Episode 15



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