Series Updates: Download Prison Break Season 5, Episode 9 (Season Finale)

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Well, that might be the end of Prison Break. We rightfully thought that same thing eight years ago, considering you know, the main character died and all. But yet, here we are. And if this was the last we’ve seen of Michael, Lincoln, Sara, Sucre, T-Bag, and C-Note, then they went out on a high note, at least compared to season 5’s earlier episodes.

When a revival doesn’t live up to expectations, many wonder if it was worth doing or if the show’s legacy has been damaged. I would say, “Who cares?” Yes, this fifth season didn’t come close to the epic first season or exhilarating second season, but I would contest it was at least better than the dreadful third season in Sona and probably on par with the Ocean’s Eleven-style reboot of season 4. Whether you view this new installment as a disappointment or a competent follow-up, it doesn’t take away from the previous iteration…………………





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