Series Updates: Download Queen of the South Season 3, Episode 6

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Teresa Mendoza proved once again how strong she was, and then she got her heart crushed on Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 6.

Apparently, Pecas was determined to get Teresa out of his territory no matter what it took, and if Devin Finch didn’t get the job done, he was happy enough to turn her over to Boaz.


Of course, Boaz didn’t really give a damn about Teresa. He was hoping to use her as a bargaining chip in the hopes that Camila would rescind her order for his death, but things didn’t work out that way.

Not that any of that mattered to Teresa at the moment. She was locked in a cage, with Guero next to her.

As usual, Teresa kept her cool, even when Camila held her in what looked like a dirty dog kennel, threatened her life, and cut up the man she loved in front of her.


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