Series Updates: Download Queen Of The South Season 3, Episode 8

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Download Queen of the South Season 3, episode 8 below:

Queen of the South pulls Teresa down the rabbit hole further this week. Here’s the official Queen of the South season 3, episode 8 synopsis.

Things are getting dicey on USA‘s Queen of the South, at least according to the network’s official description of this week’s episode. How much worse can things get for Teresa Mendoza?

Wednesday’s episode is called “El Carro” and involves Teresa (Alice Braga) continuing to try and re-establish her prominence in the drug trade, now in Arizona after being forced out of her previous home and spending the first part of the season fleeing throughout other countries. But though she may have a new game plan, the plot of this episode sounds mighty familiar.

That’s because Teresa has to align herself with a dangerous character to accomplish her mission. Just like she had to align herself with a shady character to stay on the run at the start of the third season. Just like she’s worked with a few unsavory people in the past. Given that this is a show about drug trafficking, it’s probably best to ask yourself what makes this latest ally any different from her past acquaintances.

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