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Episode Info:

Reverie Season 1, Episode 5 looked into the theory of what happens to the brain when in a coma; what happens in the mind. In “Altum Somnum,” Mara was tasked to go into the mind of a coma patient in the hope that she’d find out who the masked bomber was. In the end, she learns a lot more and we get a new insight into Monica’s plans for the technology.

There’s no focus on the derealization storyline this week or on Oliver. We  actually have the link download link for episode 4  as Episode 5, which could suggest the episode numbers were switched at some point of production. This could be the reason for this.


It all starts with a bomb explosion, killing and injuring hundreds of people. The Department of Justice received a threat of more bombings to come in retaliation for the terrorist’s town becoming a dumping ground for radioactive waste. Monica needs Mara to go inside one of the victim’s heads. This victim likely saw the face of the individual who caused the explosion. The problem is, this patient is in a coma.

Mara sees the files of the victims, noting that one of them was a little girl. Of course, Mara knows that Monica wanted her to see these files but chooses to go in any way There are questions about consent, but because this victim is dying, they don’t need it. They need to get the answers to who set off the bomb and where the other bombs are.

It doesn’t take long to create a way in, using the blueprints of the location. However, just as Mara goes in, Monica and others find out that this victim wasn’t just a normal victim. She isn’t the security guard she said she was and part of the conspiracy. While Mara continues delving into the mind of the patient, Charlie and Alexis go asking questions. They find a friend of the patient, who kills herself rather than answering any questions.


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