Series Updates: Download Shadow Hunters Season 2, Episode 11

Let’s start with one of the biggest developments: the long-awaited arrival of Sebastian Verlac. Played by Game of Thrones‘ Will Tudor, the mysterious British Shadowhunter spent all of his screen time helping a strung-out Izzy kick her addiction to vampire blood — and if you doubt the purity of his intentions, allow me to congratulate you on your healthy sense of suspicion.


Per Isaiah Mustafa, Sebastian’s true motives will “start to come out” over the next few weeks, and although he admits that Luke “isn’t really clued into anything,” he says that the two characters do have “a little interaction down the line.”

And then there’s the “Clace”/”Climon” love triangle, which became even more complicated this week when Clary learned that she’s, in fact, not related to Jace. Though she was understandably pissed at first — especially since the news came from Valentine, rather than Jace coughing up the deets willingly — Clary eventually came around, telling her non-brother that she just needs some “time to process” the news and assuring him that they’ll “figure things out” together.

As for that process, Mustafa tells TVLine it’s “safe to say” that storyline will be dragged out for most of the season, if not beyond. (And in case you missed our earlier interview, Mustafa is firmly on #TeamClace: “There’s a pull that Jace and Clary have — a magentic pull — and why deny that?”)

Meanwhile, Clary and Simon are basically living out a Fault In Our Stars romance, wherein neither of them knows how long he’ll be able to keep walking in the sun. “What if I suddenly burst into flames?” Simon asked during the premiere, to which Clary replied, “Don’t think about that.” (Right, because telling someone not to think about something always works.) As if that wasn’t enough, ……………………..




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