Series Updates: Download SuperGirl Season 2, Episode 12

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Download SuperGirl Season 2, Episode 12 below.. First a little recap….


The dysfunctional-as-hell Luthor family takes center stage in tonight’s episode, which sees the welcome return of Brenda Strong’s Lillian Luthor. Strong is clearly having so much fun playing the sinister matriarch, and we’re having a lot of fun watching her. Naturally, Lillian isn’t up to any good, and her latest round of evil shenanigans ends up testing Lena’s burgeoning friendship in Kara.

Like most episodes of Supergirl, tonight’s installment began at the Snakehole Lounge (a.k.a. the alien speakeasy). Kara and Mon-El are still super awkward around each other, because that’s how they roll now. Alex shows up at Spider’s with Maggie and comes out to the rest of Team Supergirl, which I didn’t realize hadn’t happened already. James and Winn do their best to play it cool, J’onn says he already knew since he’s a psychic, and Mon-El is surprised to learn that lesbians aren’t widely accepted on Earth. On Daxam, “it’s the more, the merrier,” he says.

While at the bar, Kara watches a news report about Lillian Luthor’s ongoing trial and decides to check in on Lena to see how she’s doing since she just testified against her mother in court. When Kara shows up at Lena’s office, she finds Lena struggling to decide whether or not she should feel guilty about not visiting her mother, who requested a visit shortly after her testimony. Speaking from experience, Kara tells Lena that she should go see her mother and get everything off her chest just in case she loses that chance.

So, Lena follows Kara’s advice and heads to the prison to see her mother. The ever-manipulative Lillian decides this is the right time to drop a bombshell on Lena, revealing that Lena is the result of one of Lionel Luthor’s affairs. According to Lillian, Lionel adopted her after her birth mother died but…………………….


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