Series Updates: Download Supergirl Season 3, Episode 11

Supergirl headed out to a place poisonous to men while the show made some character adjustments. Livewire vacated the role of mean girl with a heart of gold so that Psi could take her place, while it seems Reign is moving away from current baddie so that Purity can take the mantle. It might take an episode or two for the dust to settle on those changes, but things have certainly shifted on Supergirl, even if all the same roles are still being filled.

This episode answered several lingering questions that many viewers have had about Reign: yes, Sam is fighting back but no, she isn’t conscious when Reign is in control. Luckily, now that Sam knows for certain that something is the matter and has told Alex, it’s only a matter of time before Supergirl and the DEO figure out Reign’s identity and start trying to help Sam thwart Reign. As of now, locking up Sam until they figure out how to oust Reign is a much better plan than Supergirl going up against someone who beat her so handily before.

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