Series Updates: Download The 100 Season 4, Episode 7

Download The 100 Season 4, Episode 7 below.. First, a little recap…..


When is killing justifiable? That’s the question at the center of “Gimme Shelter,” one of the tightest episodes of the season from a thematic perspective. The interlocking storylines all engage in some way with death and killing and making lethal choices, but every time it seems like The 100 is going to slip into flat moralizing, it grounds those themes with the characters. “Gimme Shelter” doesn’t merely ask philosophical questions about murder: It shows how taking life has shaped all of these characters, how it informs the psychological underpinnings of their actions.

While on the surface, it seems like every character has a different moral code when it comes to taking life, they are all united by the shared goal of survival. In “Gimme Shelter,” the black rain finally arrives, and it’s………………..

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