Series Updates: Download The 100 Season 5, Episode 9

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Download the 100 Season 5, Episode 9 below… First a little recap + spoilers of the episode


Clarke and Bellamy have to choose who to protect and for the first time in a long time, it isn’t each other


This the 100 season 5, episode 9 covers a ton of ground, and while some of these arcs feel like they could have used more breathing room, a lot of the choices – like Indra overreaching for power and not counting on Miller, or Clarke coming after Octavia with a gun as a way to stop Gaia – only make sense if you don’t think about them too much. Murphy still feels criminally underutilized, but that might still be the case even if the show was called John Murphy and the 100. I also want more from Indra and Gaia, even though this season has given us more of both than we’ve had so far. They embody so much about grounder culture, they’re a lifeline to Octavia, and their complicated mother/daughter bond is a small but powerful antidote to such an extreme focus on fathers and sons in all of western art and literature.

The 100 season 5, Episode 9

Time jumps are tricky things, and it can be hard to keep characters from resetting right back to where they were or feeling like they changed too much. Emori’s growth is spot on, and Raven feels like she continued to grow into her own natural leadership. This episode was a missed opportunity for the SpaceKru to show off their dysfunctional family vibe… In case u missed episode 8, click here.


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