Series Updates: Download The Flash Season 5 Episode 7

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Download The Flash Season 5 Episode 7 below.. First, alittle recap….

It’s Thanksgiving on The Flash! Sure, we all celebrated the holiday last week, but The Flash’s tardiness on this one feels apropos given Barry Allen’s allergy to punctuality. You know what else was fitting? The season’s focus on parent-child relationships. Thanksgiving is a time for family, specifically family drama, and the show used the holiday as an opportunity to dig into Barry and Nora’s relationship, and more interestingly, Cicada/Orlin’s relationship with the comatose Grace to varying degrees of success.

The biggest thing to come out of “O Come, All Ye Faithful” is that Team Flash finally discovers Cicada’s identity after hacking the hospital’s security footage and discovering that Orlin Dwyer is the only one who visits Grace in the hospital. However, before they reach that moment, the show reveals Cicada’s origin story through a series of flashbacks. For me, at least, this was probably the weakest part of the episode because while they revealed some new information, the actual story felt cliché.




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