Series Updates: Download The Originals Season 4, Episode 11

Download The Originals Season 4, Episode 11 below.. First, a little recap…


When the Mikaelson clan adopted their “family first” mantra thousands of years ago, Kol must have been on some sort of killing spree that day. It’s clear he didn’t get the memo, because when he’s faced with choosing between freeing a brother stuck in a pendant and resurrecting his beloved from the other side, we can bet that he will always go with option two.

Choosing Davina makes things a little sticky since she’s magically connected to the Hollow now. And if Kol wants to keep Davina in the land of the living, he has to do the Hollow’s bidding. No, this does not include laundry or trips to the store to buy eyes of newt. Now that the Hollow is mortal, she can die. And since the Mikaelsons are hell-bent on putting her down, she wants Kol to……………..

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