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Download the Originals Season 5, EPisode 11, First, a little recap

The title of this episode, “Til the Day I Die,” works in many ways. There’s the whole Freya/Keelin wedding, which is the nice way to look at the title: They will love each other until they die. And then there’s the Hope situation, which is more of a downer. This hour saw the return of Davina — yay! — who used magic to discover that the Hollow’s magic is slowly killing Hope.

But before we get to all that, let’s start with Freya and Keelin, who decide that in the midst of all of these goodbyes — R.I.P. Josh and Ivy — they need a bit of happiness. And that’s why they move their wedding date up to … TODAY. That might be a bit of a risk for humans, but for a witch and a werewolf with a whole team of vampires on their side, a little compulsion goes a long way.

Freya begins giving tasks to all her siblings: Rebekah is her Maid of Honor, Kol is officiating, Klaus is securing the venue, and Elijah will walk her down the aisle. That is if he can climb his way out of the dark hole he’s in. As he combs through his old things, Elijah finds a letter that he received during his time in France. That letter is from Andrea, a.k.a. Hayley’s birth name. That’s when he starts to remember their time together in France.

It seems Andrea went to visit Elijah during their years apart. At the time, Antoinette was out of town, and the spark between the two of them was instant. Andrea mentions an ex she can’t seem to get out of her system, and by the end of their chat, he invites her to a nearby art show. Of course, she shows up because she needs to see for herself that Elijah is happy in his new life. He seems to be, but he’s also seemingly enamored with this new woman in front of him. (Good lord, I’d forgotten how great their chemistry is!)

By the end of the night, he asks if she’s ever felt like she were destined for someone. “Yes,” she responds, as hearts break everywhere. Elijah then asks her to dance, after which he tells her, “I guess I’ll see you in the next life.” She answers, “If we’re destined to meet each other in another life, just know I’ll be waiting for another dance.” Then she kisses him on the cheek and walks away from what would be their final real moment together.

The memory is too much for Elijah. As he tells Klaus, “I knew who she was,” he explains how confused he was when he saw her in that farmhouse. In all the turmoil, he could only see her as an agent of deception for the very family he was at war with. (His words, obviously). But he knows this: He could’ve saved her. And for that, he’s not ready to forgive himself. He’s also not ready to help his family, which is very unlike him. Even after Klaus tells him that Davina discovered Hope will die from the magic inside her, he still walks away.

At least until he reads the letter from Andrea, which I’ve transcribed in full below:

I wanted to thank you for giving me a beautiful day just when I needed it. You helped me more than you could ever know. I realized I’d been holding onto things that I shouldn’t. If I had met my ex under different circumstances, without the legacy of pain that haunted him, things would’ve been different for us. My time with you helped to forgive him for the pain that he caused me and remember the best parts of our lives together. And though I can’t honestly say I’ll ever get over him entirely, I can finally look forward because of you. I’ll never forget my time in France. And if by some chance we do meet again in another life, I’m gonna hold you to that dance. Until then, be happy. And as you grow and find the parts of your life that fit you perfectly, make sure you never let them go.


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