Series Updates: Download The Originals Season Season 5, Episode 7

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The Originals tried to pay tribute to Hayley Marshall (Phoebe Tonkin) this week, but as always, there were shenanigans afoot in New Orleans which totally disrupted the mourning process.

In order for Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) to return to the city for her mother’s funeral parade, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) had to leave and astral project back in to keep the dark magic still in both of them under control. Unfortunately, a few radicalized vampires — and the realization that these quick trips they’ve been taking to visit each other are way more dangerous than they thought — made that a bit of a struggle.


Seeing as there are quite a few firstborns running around New Orleans, that’s maybe a sign that Klaus and his family should stay FAR away.

On the other hand it’s hard to ignore that this might be foreshadowing how the tale of New Orleans is going to shake out when The Originals comes to an end. “Destruction” would suck if it were literal, but metaphorically, what if this prophecy was predicting the exodus of all supernatural beings from New Orleans? It would certainly fit in with our theory that the humans might reign supreme when all is said and done.


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