Series Updates: Download This is US Season 1, Episode 17

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Download This is US Season 1, Episode 17 titled ” What Now?”


As a weekly watcher of This Is Us, you’ve come to understand that you don’t ever really stop crying. There are just recovery moments between episodes — moments of relief where you get to blow your nose or do stuff in Excel spreadsheets at work or make dinner before you start crying again. And then there are episodes like last week’s. If you’re a weird person who misses episodes and then reads recaps after not seeing past episodes, this is your one-week-later spoiler warning: William has died, and it was devastating.

So this is where we pick up the pieces. But before we get that chance, we get a quick flashback to William leaving a note in his room before leaving for Memphis. Randall stands in his room, ready to pack up his stuff, but he’s not sure how to process it all or honor his father’s legacy. It’s a tough road for Randall because this is not the first time he’s buried a father. But Beth finds a note under his pillow and tells Randall, “You need to read this.”

There’s also Kevin, who has much less severe pieces to pick up after bailing on the opening night of his play to take care of Randall. Granted, that’s not an easy task, but it is a task. He also has to make the big reveal that……………..


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