The Flash reveals Kid Flash costume.

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Kid Flash is coming to The Flash!

The CW on Tuesday revealed the first look at Keiynan Lonsdale in the new suit, which he’ll first don as Wally West during the season 3 premiere, titled “Flashpoint.”

The sneak peek comes on the heels of Grant Gustin revealing thatThe Flash will be adapting the famed Flashpoint comic book storyline, in which Barry Allen finds himself in an alternate timeline where his mother is no longer dead, and most of the world’s heroes are more like villains these days: Aquaman is at war with Wonder Woman; Batman is Thomas Wayne, not Bruce Wayne; and Captain Cold is actually a Central City hero named Citizen Cold.

It’s unclear if Wally’s new powers come as a result of being affected by the second particle accelerator explosion — in which Barry tried to get his powers back — or if this Kid Flash exists purely in the Flashpoint storyline. It’s likely the former since the show has invested in creating this costume, so Wally should be going full Kid Flash this season — maybe even as a result of Barry’s absence. Now the question remains whether Jesse Quick was also affected and obtaned powers.

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.@KeiynanLonsdale suits up as Kid Flash this fall on The CW!

The Flash returns Tuesday, July 12 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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