The Most Innovative Restaurant In The World?

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Innovative retaurant

Hidden away in an old Shanghai neighborhood, born from the wonderful mind of Chef Paul Pairet, is possibly the most innovative restaurant in the world.

innovative restaurant

The Ultraviolet offers high concept Western cuisine in a high-tech private dining room. Born and raised in France, Paul Pairet moved to Shanghai in 2005 where he would eventually open Ultraviolet in 2012.

There’s no address given, you make a reservation and a meeting point is given to you. All confirmed guests are then led to Ultraviolet together in a bus. With just 10 dining seats, The Ultraviolet offers an experience that would engage all 5 senses. The dining room itself is fitted with video-screen walls, surround sound speakers, bespoke lighting and scent emitters. The room transforms itself throughout evening and at one point the walls even slide back to reveal the kitchen as well as Chef Pairet.

innovative restaurantinnovative restaurant

Each menu is carefully sketched out and rehearsed by Chef Pairet and his team of chefs, servers and producers who activate sounds, scents, lights and videos from a nearby control room. This restaurant provides a full-on sensory experience.

For the steamed lobster course, you can hear the waves, you can smell the ocean and hear the cry of sea gulls. The Ultraviolent experience ends with a dessert of homemade gummy bears and a race with the staff around the dining hall set to a classic Nintendo theme.

For around $1,000 , You’re served 22 courses , each will be accompanied by an atmosphere defined through projection, smell and sound all intended to create a specific ambience to enhance the flavors of the meal. In all the lights and designs, Ultraviolet doesn’t lose itself as there’s still serious quality food. Everything served is flawless and artfully executed. With a one server to one guest ratio, the service as well is spectacular.

innovative restaurant

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