Things You Should Never Do In A New Relationship

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Ah, the excitement of a new relationship. There’s nothing like it, is there? The honeymoon period of a relationship is great—everything’s all shiny and wonderful, until one day you’ve woken up to find that you’re a completely different person! “How did this happen?” you may ask yourself. Well, it’s probably because of a few unintentional actions you made while your relationship was blossoming. Wondering what these actions are? You might find a couple below…

  • Never pretend to like things you actually hate
  • Don’t stop hanging out with your friends
  • Don’t change your appearance

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Never pretend to like things you actually hate

It’s very important to always stay true to yourself—even when you’re in a new relationship. Liking something you really hate, just because your partner’s a fan of it, doesn’t really help either you or them. So, whether it’s a rap song, an exotic cuisine, or an adventure sport, don’t claim to like it just because you want things to work out with your partner, or make them think of you a certain way.

Don’t be afraid to ask for your space
If you need a little me-time, ask for it! You shouldn’t feel obligated to always hang out with your partner, or include them in your hobbies. If you feel like spending the day binge watching your favourite TV show alone in your PJs, or reading a good book, go for it! After all, everybody needs a little time to themselves even if they’re in a relationship.

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Don’t stop hanging out with your friends

Now this one’s really important. It’s great having a new companion, but it’s very important to remember to keep your old ones close as well. It can be quite tempting to spend every waking minute with your new partner, but be sure to make time for your friends too. After all, they’re the ones who are always there for you, through thick and thin.

Never be afraid to speak your mind
Have an opinion about something? Dying to say something that’s been on your mind for days? Let your partner know. Shed light on what you feel about a certain situation, event, or thought. Talk about how you feel—you’ve got nothing to lose. There’s no point keeping your partner in the dark about things. The more they get to know you at the start of the relationship, the better.

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Don’t change your appearance
If you’ve got curls for days that you absolutely adore, but your partner has mentioned a preference for pin straight hair, don’t feel the need to change the way your hair looks. The same goes for the way you dress, or how you like to do your makeup. At the end of the day, it’s important to keep yourself happy—there’s no point changing, and being unhappy, only to impress somebody. Someone who’s truly meant for you, will like you just the way you are.

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