This Class 9 Dropout Kid Can Make A Computer From Any Leftover Tech

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Meet the boy who is only 16 and he can make computers literally with the waste. Jayant Parab is a 16-year-old boy, is a class IX dropout student from Ghatkopar. He loves to be alone and he tries various experiments with the scraps.

 Jayant Parab
Jayant Parab

His Father who was once a scrap dealer now collects waste parts of computers and other hardware that are old and inoperative from hospitals, schools, and offices. This is where his son manages to do various experiments to create a computer.

 Jayant Parab And His Dad
Jayant Parab And His Dad

Jayant Parab said “I want to make affordable computers. The computer I have made is from leftovers from offices, banks, and hospitals” while pointing to his invention he said “The screen is similar to one seen in operation theatres. It’s not a real computer. I used bits and pieces from here and there, and acrylic for the body, which I cut myself. What you see is the first step towards achieving my dream.”

As we already mentioned Jayant Parab accompanied his dad Ravindra Parab in collecting the leftover scrap from several places on this Jayant’s father said “He picked up things he thought he could use at home. In Std V, he repaired a laptop that an office had disposed of. That was the time I sort of knew that he would end up in the field of computers”

Despite having that much of talent, Ravindra chose to drop out of school in which his father said: “He had no interest in studies and that pained me”. However, Jayant’s father was impressed with his son’s vision.

Jayant had not yet given up on his education entirely, he is pursuing Std X from St Teresa High School in Andheri through correspondence. Jayant Says “I am also learning about [ethical] hacking and security systems through a course on computers. I want to ultimately revolutionise the e-waste industry”

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