Top Digital Music Platforms Nigerian Labels And Managers Must Understand

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With the gradual death of revenue from Physical album sales and the continuous consistent growth of content Piracy and theft, labels, Investors, Managers and Artistes are all at the risk of losing revenue which is never enough.

Top Digital Music Platforms Nigerian Labels and Managers Must Understand

I have come to understand that in the Nigerian Music Industry, most record labels and investors seems to care more about the Artiste “blowing” than any other thing.  In fact, some don’t even care if the funding and resources are being “invested “in a dark hole or the label under which investment is made doesn’t truly exist and it’s all philandering effort if Artistes goes rogue.

Ever heard of a record label investing 50Million naira without a registered company nor a Label-Artiste Agreement? Please professionalize and structure. Learn here!

For those looking to make revenue from Digital music sales or to understand it for budgeting, planning and forecast I will mention platforms friendly to Nigerian Consumers and shed blink light on differences? Click on each to visit site or get their app.

  1. SPINLET…Move with it
  2. MOODITT…. groove with the best music experience
  3. ITUNES/APPLE MUSIC …everything you need to be
  4. MTN-MUSIC PLUS…. MTN Biggest online music site
  5. MUSIK GENIE…. Sharing love through music
  6. CLOUD 9
  7. TECNO BOOM PLAYER (..An outstanding Social Media, networking music app)
  9. ORIN
  11. DEEZER…. Discover music you’ll love
  12. YOUTUBE (Fingerprint focused)
  13. CALLER TUNES (mobile network or Self-created)
  14. QUICK-TELLER (funny?)
  15. KONGA
  16. JUMIA

I need you to understand some of the Apps/Platforms are Mobile Network restrictive, streaming based or direct buy (or both), Geo Location friendly, directly inaccessible due to banking requirement, different financial report based system, specific audience focus, hard copies among others.

Any functional and structured label looking at making revenue needs to understand these platforms and how to exploit it. Exploiting here doesn’t necessary mean direct liquidity in most cases. Any artiste manager and/or business manager in this century must understand the possible benefits of digital music platforms.

As an Artiste, it is indeed sad that most times you are expected to be smart but I understand the creative pressure. At the end, creative pressure or not you will only be perceived ignorant at the end of your deal, with the label or manage, if you realize you worked so hard but couldn’t survive with endorsement and performance fund. Stop lying to yourself not everyone will be a Wizkid, Olamide or Phyno.

It is more of your role as an Artiste to ensure that revenue is being milked for you to pay up and make more. You will not be excused for being ignorant. Ensure your label or manager set out their Digital Music Sales plan to your understanding or get someone who you can pay to get it done properly.

Please note that not all these platforms apply to your music brand, don’t just throw millets to the direction of the wind because you want to clean it. As a manager be calculative and strategic.

Should you have your songs on all the platforms?

Should you promote all the platforms’ links?

All links at the same time?

Who are the Targets?

A manager should be able to answer these questions and more from time to time.

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