Top Nigerian Musician With The Largest Fanbase In 2022 (No. 3 Is Unbelievable)

Top Nigerian Musician With The Largest Fanbase:  Fans are crucial to the success of any artist, whether or not they are from the country of Nigeria.

This is because your supporters will advertise for you by buying your music, showing up at your shows, sharing your content on social media, and more.

The O2 in London has been known to sell out for Nigerian artists on occasion, a feat made possible by the artists’ massive fan bases not just in Nigeria but around the world.


See the Top Nigerian Musician With The Largest Fanbase below;

1. Davido

In spite of the diversity of his fan base, Davido enjoys universal adoration. Fans of his work aren’t restricted to those who listen to his work online or on audio.

They flock to see him live, and millions more listen to his music online. Davido and other artists like him consistently perform well because they have a large fan base.

And the o2 Arena in London, which seats 20,000, was completely sold out for his show.

With over 25 million Instagram followers and 12.7 million Twitter followers, Davido currently has the largest fan base in Nigeria.

2. Wizkid

Wizkid has the second-largest fan base in Nigeria. His fan base, known as Wizkid FC (short for “Wizkid Fan Club“), is famous for their unfailing enthusiasm both online and in person.

In less than two minutes after tickets went on sale, he became the first musician from Nigeria to perform at London’s O2.

Wizkid may be the Nigerian musician with the largest fan base, but he is not currently number one according to the most up-to-date follower counts on social media.

Wizkid has racked up 15.5 million Instagram followers and 11 million Twitter followers.

3. Saheed Osupa

When they call some people OG before IG – Saheed Osupa, the renowned Fuji musician is one of the real OGB4IG, he’s another Top Nigerian Musician With The Largest Fanbase.

The fanbase is not by a number of followers on social media, but by the heftiness of the name amongst the masses, that encompass the fanbase.

In the western trenches area of Nigeria, Saheed Osupa is a big name that can’t be fucked with anyhow.

4. Tiwa Savage

She has one of the largest followings in Nigeria because of her status as the Queen of Afrobeats.

In addition to her many devoted fans online, she also has a sizable group of offline adherents spread across the globe.

Sold-out shows and millions of streams online attest to the fact that Tiwa Savage has devoted fans.

Tiwa Savage has over 15 million Instagram followers and around 6 million Twitter followers.

5. Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade is a famous Nigerian singer and actress who has gained international acclaim for her authentic depiction of African culture. She became known as “Mama Afrika” because of this reputation.

Her “faithful” fans go so far as to harass other celebrities or their fans when there is a misunderstanding or rumor between the two parties (This is common among fans worldwide though).

With over 17 million Instagram followers and around 2 million Twitter followers, Yemi Alade is one of the top musicians on the list of Nigerian musicians with the biggest fan bases.

6. Burna Boy

The “Giant of Africa” is also well-known for its massive online fanbase. In any of the countries he visits—Nigeria, the United States, or the United Kingdom—Burna Boy is sure to find an enthusiastic fan base.

With nearly 8 million Twitter followers and over 12 million on Instagram, Burna Boy has established himself as one of the musicians with one of the largest fan bases in the world.

7. Olamide

Olamide is currently a very popular rap artist in Nigeria (Badoo). Olamide, known as the “King of the Streets” is revered for providing opportunities for talented young people living on the streets to shine.

5.9 million people follow him on Twitter, and 9.9 million people follow him on Instagram.

8. Pasuma

Pasuma is another Fuji musician that definitely has to make this list, he’s also an OG when it comes to Voice of the street in Nigeria.

He has a large fanbase of die-hard urchins that are readily available to do anything when it comes to Pasuma’s case.

His Fanbase comprises mostly Yoruba youths from the trenches.

9. Naira Marley

Naira Marley has been making music for over 8 years, but it wasn’t until 2019 that his song “Am I a Yahoo Boy?” became a national sensation.

The subsequent publicity and fan base are both benefits of that time. In a similar vein, he has risen to become one of the most popular musicians in Nigeria.

On Twitter, Naira Marley has 4.4 million followers, and on Instagram, she has 7 million. His number of followers increases daily. The people who support him are called “Marlians.”

10. Teni

With the release of her freestyle single “Uyo Meyo,” Teniola Apata shot to stardom. In addition to her great singing voice, strong freestyling talents, and other general singing qualities, Teni is adored for her creativity and sense of humor.

Because of this, she has won over an army of fans from all corners of the earth.

Teni has amassed over 1.4 million Twitter followers and over 4.9 million Instagram followers.

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