Study outside Nigeria with different countries to choose from. Get Scholarships on your tuition fees. Without JAMB & POST UME, No Delay, No Strike and NYSC guaranteed for Bachelor’s degree.

Contact Evergreen Edu Consult (a subsidiary of Ezisi Media Consult RC: 1652394)


* Admissions

* Direct Entry (Exclusively for Benin Republic)

* Post Graduate

* Bachelor’s

* Master’s

* Conversion program (Exclusively for Benin Republic)


The Countries Available for Studies are:

* United Kingdom

*  Ireland

*  Canada

* United States

* Australia/New Zealand

* Mauritius

* Cyprus

* Dubai

* Ukraine

* Poland (Studies and Work Visa)

* Benin Republic


Strictly Studies for all except Poland which is Studies and Work Visa

Call or WhatsApp:

+2348168476101, +2347065618733.




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