Uganda’s anti-pornography machine ‘to arrive soon’

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Ugandans will not have to wait much longer before what is being called an anti-pornography machine arrives in the country, Ethics Minister Simon Lokodo has told the partly government-owned New Vision newspaper.

Mr Lokodo is reported as saying that the government had contracted a South Korean company to supply the machine.

Uganda to spend to buy 'anti-pornography machine'

New vision

He also revealed the ministry’s plans:

We have appointed the anti-pornography committee, but it had not been launched due to lack of finance, but the government has now approved the money to activate the operations.”

The machine will be used to detect pornographic pictures, videos or graphics taken or saved on a phone, computer or camera in any form and those found guilty will be charged.

But exactly how it will work is not clear.

It is illegal for a person to produce or broadcast pornography in Uganda.

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