video: Lets All Becareful! This Housemaid Was Caught On Camera Using Her Urine To Cook For Her Boss

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Following the recent cases of housemaids maltreating and molesting kids that are left in their care, a Kenya family decided to install some Close Circuit Camera’s in different areas of the house.


But the unexpected happened on a faithful day, when the Man of the house decided to check one of the recordings from the installed close circuit cameras placed in the kitchen. Instead of finding the housemaid bullying their kids,

what they found was beyond what they could imagine. She was captured in the video urinating in a bowl and after that, pouring the urine in a pot of soup she was preparing.

On seeing this, they quickly informed the police and got the 19 year old housemaid arrested. On interrogation, she told the police that she did this to take revenge on her boss for maltreating her. At the time of gathering his report, no information was released to know if it was the first time she is doing this.

Truly, many of us are probably thinking this girl is a devil. Yes off course, this is a devilish act and she probably should go for deliverance. Listening to this girl’s statement, that she did this to take revenge on her boss for maltreating her. For a 19-year-old to do this, one could imagine the rate of maltreatment this young lady has received from the boss.

Have you seen the way housemaids are used and maltreated in this part of the world? Let’s consider this, why would you need a camera in the first place if you have been good to this housemaid? We treat these people as if they are not humans, even when our own children will go to bed; they stay up and do laundries or other activities that could have been left till the next day. They are the last to go to bed, and are the first to get back up. Even when our own children go to school, and the parents to work, they remain at home doing un-necessary works, who says housemaids cannot do well in school too?Most bosses just wake up especially the female bosses, because they are maids, think of a useless work and assign to them. What we do not realize is that these housemaids hold the most important parts to our lives, as long as we have them in our homes.

I believe it’s time we come to realized that these housemaids are humans too; they were given birth to by parents who love them. See them as one of your own and you will enjoy the best of them.

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