Wanna Stop Cheating On Your Spouse?… Please Read…

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One of the major factor which destroys a marriage faster is infidelity. These few tips could help save you from the temptation of cheating on your spouse

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Nothing good comes from cheating on your spouse. Nothing. Hurt feelings, betrayed trust and heartbreak are unavoidable. There is no situation or excuse that will soften the blow when the people you love find out what you did. Do these five things to make sure you don’t ever cheat:

1. Make the commitment

Don’t ever let cheating cross your mind. Talk to your spouse often about being faithful in your relationships. Commit to never getting close with someone romantically. Always wear your wedding ring to remind yourself and to alert others that you are in a faithful relationship. Talk to your spouse about what cheating means to you both as a couple. Is it flirting with someone? Going out to lunch with someone? Setting clear boundaries for your relationship will help prevent either of you from crossing the line.

2. Involve your spouse

Having regular phone calls with someone you could get romantically involved with is a bad idea. If you like spending time with someone, do so with your spouse to make sure things stay platonic. Even if you swear you are both just friends, you can’t hide any flirtatious messages if your spouse is involved. Add your husband or wife to conversations to send a clear message you aren’t looking to start anything.

3. Don’t get too close

Your spouse is the only person you should be confiding in. Falling into the trap of thinking your husband won’t understand, or you can’t talk with your wife about something like that is wrong. You should be sharing secrets with your spouse and no one else. Starting an emotional affair is just as hurtful as a physical one.

4. Reach out for help

If you feel tempted to spark up a relationship with someone else, tell someone. Don’t keep this to yourself. It will be a difficult conversation to have with your spouse and your family, but it needs to happen. You have made a commitment to love one person; don’t betray that trust. Talking with a professional privately and with your husband or wife can also help resolve what you are feeling.

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5. Limit opportunity

If you are never in the situation where you could cheat on your spouse, it will never happen. If your partner can’t come to dinner with old friends, invite a trusted friend or couple to join you. Don’t keep in touch with old flames on social media; there is no reason to spark up a private conversation with people from your past.

Stop letting the media trick you into believing the fairytale ending that supposedly comes with infidelity. Marriage is a beautiful promise to commit, support, love and respect someone. Don’t throw away a life of happiness with someone who truly loves you in the heat of the moment.

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