Who Are You To The The Man You Are Dating?

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Who are you to the man who wants to marry you? Why does he want to marry you? What is your value in his life? Every lady dating and preparing for marriage needs to get answers to these questions.

The answers will inform you on how far your marriage will travel with the said man. The answers will tell how they will treat you in the marriage.

If he is getting married to you just because you are a good cook, you risk losing him when you can’t cook for him or he meets someone who cooks better than you. If he is getting married to you just because you are good in bed or he enjoys sex with you, you risk losing him when you can’t satisfy him sexually or when he meets someone who can better satisfy him in bed than you.

If he is getting married to you all because of your body, you risk losing him when there is a change in your body or when he meets someone with a better looking body than yours.

A wife is one of the greatest treasures in a man’s life. This is why when a man finds such treasure, he leaves the parents to be one with her. “A man’s greatest treasure is his wife— she is a gift from the Lord” – Proverbs 18:22 (CEV).

Until a man sees you as the greatest treasure he has come across, he will not be pushed to get married to you. Until a man sees you as a gift from God, he won’t make any effort towards marrying you. Men chase what is valuable to them. They go all out loud for that, no matter what stands in their way.

Your value in the man’s life will determine how well he treats you. The more valuable you are, the nicer he cares and treats you. A man will treat you special because he sees you special. A man will treat you as the most important person in his life because of your value in his life.

Being special to a man means you are extra ordinary, it means you have something others don’t have. Almost every woman has a vagina, so if he is pursuing you because of sex, you will never be the most important or special person in his life.

If he treats his car better than you, it just tells the car is more expensive or more valuable to him than you. If he treats his parents more important than you, that should tell you your value.

Whatever he values as more important than you means that is more important to him than you. He does not care losing you for any of the things he values over you.

This is why it’s a total error for any lady to force or beg a guy to get married to her. The question I have for such ladies, “what is your value?”. It is sad to see ladies in a relationship with men who can’t see their worth or value, and who treats her like trash.

A man who sees you as his greatest gift from God will never divorce you, he will never call you a mistake, he will never try to change you. He will appreciate you, respect you, protect you, trust you, love and celebrate you.

In conclusion, “A worthy wife is a crown for her husband, but a disgraceful woman is like cancer in his bones”

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