World’s Smallest 1TB USB-C Flash Drive

As we already know, the sizes of the devices and the high storage capacity are not factors that tend to go hand in hand, at least for the time being.

The Israeli-American manufacturer of flash memory products, of course, I am talking about the SanDisk has been working on the idea of changing a bit that dynamic and presented, at CES 2018, the prototype of what it claims to be the smallest 1TB pen drive in the world, with proportions slightly higher than a coin.

Apart from the size, another factor that stands out in this device is the use of the USB Type-C interface. A large storage space entails large data transfers and a higher possible speed in that small device, greater than most other memory devices, which use the USB 3.0 port to perform that task.

In addition, the use of the USB-C interface also allows the SanDisk device to connect directly to tablets and smartphones, in the case of the Android operating system, or with an adapter that allows that in the iOS. Just in that segment, is where the manufacturer wants to spend their time, knowing that the memory of mobile devices is always a problem, even when it has enough storage.

During the presentation, the manufacturer has not denied any comments to its competition, Kingston, which recently introduced a device with 2 TB of capacity. According to the company, its solution is different from that of its adversary, since it not only seeks to create a device of tiny size but also be reduced in price. Although the company has not provided securities, it has said that it will be much cheaper than the current 1.4 thousand dollars storage devices of Kingston.

Apart from the values, dates for its launch have not been commented, since it is still in the development phase. Meanwhile, users can benefit from their other recent device, which has the 256GB capacity, being cited by the brand as the smallest storage device in the world.

The Ultra Fit USB 3.1 will reach the American market in January. So, how much memory do you need to store your stuff? And what do you think about this new and extraordinary 1TB pen drive?

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