11 Different Kinds Of People We Meet At Work

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In our office setup, we get to meet various people from various backgrounds.

We spend most of our time at work and it’s important to know all the different people we are likely to encounter in order for us to know how to relate to them.

Below are 11 different kinds of people you’re likely to encounter in the office.

1. The Boss’s Favorites

It’s no secret that they are loved by the bosses. No matter what they do, they are not punished and they always get their way. What another staff will do which will attract punishment, these group of staff will do and get away with it. They know they are favored by the superiors and therefore they misbehave sometimes, after all what will happen?



2. The Hard Worker Who Isn’t Appreciated

This person is always on time, and goes around his/her work with a lot of seriousness. He/she doesn’t play around. When everyone is doing something else, he’s busy working and getting things done. The unfortunate thing is that this person is never appreciated for all he does. They are sidestepped when promotions beckon and they are not recognized for all the work they put in at the office.



3. The Worker Who’s Been There The Longest

They are in every office. They’ve been there for years and are still there. These ones tend to feel superior than everyone else. They don’t fail to point out to you how long they’ve been working in the company and how you shouldn’t disrespect them. They always feel like they know more than everyone and carry their “I’ve been here for a long time” tag on their shoulders.



4. The Office Gossip

Whatever it is, they know. They know every little secret about everyone. They know all the latest appointments before it becomes public. They know about terminations and resignations, they know who got pregnant and who is dating who in the office. They keep an eye on each member of staff so they can have something to go gossip about.



5. The Over-Religious

They engage in prayer sessions as soon as they get to the office in the morning. They always lead religious activities in the office and whenever prayer is needed, you can always count on them. They either sing gospel tunes or play them on their stereos or phones as they work.




6. The Pretentious Worker

They pretend to be working when superiors are around but jump back to do other things as soon as the coast is clear. These are the type who usually use company resources for their personal activities like social media and watching movies during office hours.




7. The Constant Nag And Fighter

They’ll complain about practically everything, the air condition, loud conversations, management, computers and basically everything. They are usually involved in arguments with other workers.



8. The Early Bird

They are usually the first to arrive, even on rainy days. Unlike the pretenders, this group do not do this for attention or to be noticed, they don’t even see it as anything. It’s their passion for the job that drives them.




9. The Foodie

Every office has that one person who eats more than everyone else. They’ll just eat anything, will finish their food and invite themselves to other people’s food. He’s seen almost everywhere there’s food.




10. The Advisor/Counselor

They are the most trusted in the office, they give advice and support other staff who have issues. They listen and then advice where necessary. Even when they’ve not been approached, they’ll still approach a staff when they feel something is wrong with the person. When something happens between two or more staff in the office, trust this person to approach them to resolve the issue.



11. The Spy

This one keeps an eye on everybody and what they do in the office and report same to the bosses at the top. If you doze off a bit while working, trust them to report to your boss or any other superior. If staff complain about salary and working conditions, trust these people to relay the information and all those involved to the bosses. Ironically, these people are the ones always complaining about people relaying information in the office to superiors. A smart move to keep them away from suspicion.



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