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Take a walk around the street and you would be sure to see an oddly dressed guy or a guy who dressed well enough but spoiled his ensemble with just one or two fashion mistakes.

These are 16 fashion mistakes you shouldn’t make as a man.

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1. Don’t wear clothes that are bogus; shirts or trousers. This isn’t the 90s anymore.

2. If you must wear a suit or jacket, make sure it streamlines your body as well.

3. Never wear dirty shoes, and always pay attention to the tip of your shoe; everyone would notice if it’s dirty.

4. Never wear a short-sleeve shirt with a tie. It’s always awkward.

5. If you must tuck your shirts in, never wear a black belt colour with a brown shoe or vice-versa. The colours of your belt and shoes should match.

6. Don’t wear trousers that are entirely too long that you would have to fold them; bogus trousers would cause folds on the trousers from your knee-length to your shoes. Let your trouser length be proportionate enough, and only fold your trousers when you want to be fashionable, not when it’s too long.

7. If you can, try not to wear same shoes for days in a row.

8. When wearing a suit, your sock colour should match your trouser and not your shoe.

9. Don’t wear a tie that’s too short or too long.

10. If your shirt reaches your buttocks, it should be tucked in because it’s too long.

11. Don’t tuck in a normal t-shirt; it’s a big fashion fail. Only polo t-shirts can be tucked in.

12. Keep your facial hair well-groomed and your hair too. These two are a big part of your fashion ensemble and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

13. Keep your finger nails clean too.

14. Never wear a backpack when wearing a suit. Oh no! It kills the beauty of the suit.

15. Never wear rumpled shirts.

16. Avoid wearing too many colours.

You would agree with me that these are some fashion fails we get to see on a regular day, and they’re really awkward.

Never make these mistakes if you want to keep your fashion game up.

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