50 Cent – Rapper shares baby photos of himself, new son, Davian.

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50 Cent who has come forward to say Davian is actually not his biological son, although he treats him like one, has contradicted himself with an Instagram post of their baby photos, showing their striking resemblance.

Barely two months after 50 Cent made the discovery that he had another son named, Davian, the rapper has taken to fathering the young boy quite well.

50 Cent

Proving Davian’s parenthood, the “Candy Shop” rapper took to his Instagram page today, July 8, 2016, to share a photo collage of his and Davian’s baby photos.

Of course, the resemblance was striking and uncanny.

50 Cent and Davian baby photos

Sharing the photo collage, the rapper wrote:

“Me and Davian. Baby photos. #Frigo.”

Confusingly, contradicting his earlier claims that Davian is his long, lost son, 50 Cent tells Hot 96.3 in a recent interview, that the young boy is actually not his biological son although he treats him like one.

Speaking on the issue, 50 Cent said:

“He’s not my biological son, but I treat him as my son.

“I just met him and it was interesting because the way he looked at me and he’s shaking and crying. [It was] all the things I wish my actual older son would.”

50 Cents

Considering the striking resemblance between the pair, its hard to believe that 50 Cent is not Davian’s father.

Then again, 50 Cent who is already father to two sons, always loved to play mind games.

His first two sons are Marquise Jackson, 19, by Shaniqua Tompkins and Sire Jackson, 3, by second woman, Daphne Joy, but it is still unknown who the third woman is.

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