Beautiful Nigerian lady emerges best graduating medical student in South Sudan

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Oluwatoyin Islamiyat Abdulkadir (pictured), emerged the best graduating student of the International University of Africa, IUA, located in Sudan recently. Oluwatoyin, an orphan, who once won the Oyo state essay writing competition on poverty eradication, had to work for a year after her secondary school education before she registered for JAMB.

She finally got admitted to the University Of Ibadan to study medicine, around the same time, she got a scholarship to study Nursing at IUA.

She had to choose Sudan because it was a scholarship and studying medicine in Nigeria without cash could be difficult. Interestingly, she graduated as a doctor because in her primordial year, she had a GPA of 3.61/4.00, above 3.50 (the school highest score then) and the Faculty of Medicine chose her to be one of her students. In her speech at the graduation ceremony, Oluwatoyin said:

“One certain thing I know about myself which can’t be disputed is that I am a living miracle of Allah. If you have searched for a proof of miracle but to no avail, look no further as I am here to testify to miracles of God. I will always be grateful to Allah, and my parents despite not living long to know more about them. To my mum and namesake, I know you were proud of me but I am much more proud and envious of you because you had a beautiful life crowned and gifted with a daughter that will never let your dream go with the wind. I miss you and I wish you were here to witness today. You are blessed mum and I won’t say I love you instead I will say I love my existence for you because aside Allah and His prophet, the next person I live and exist for is YOU, I shall live to fulfill all your dreams. I Love you till the end of time, mom. continue to rest in peace.”

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