Comedian Gordons Almost Missed UK Show Because Another Comedian Reported Him And His Passport Was Held

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Wickedness and Jealousy is real,especially in Nigeria’s entertainment industry and if the details in this story is to be taken as what actually happened then ”wahala dey”..

Comedian Gordons is on tour with his rib cracking Jokes all over the UK but you will not believe the drama that played out and almost prevented him from attending his own shows…..

On Sunday there was show slated for Catford and was supposed to start around 7pm and guests who got there around 9pm were shocked to find out that the show had not started.
They thought it was the Naija thing with shows starting late and sat down to wait amidst grumbling..

At 10pm,an hour before the show was slated to end Gordons showed up with Comedians AY,Acapella and one other in tow and explained why the show almost didn’t hold…

According to Sources who attended ”Gordons come climb stage begin apologise. Then he said the show nearly no hold because a senior colleague (comedian) went to British embassy and told them something about him (Gordons) and that he was using the show as a cover for something bad and this time may not return to Nigeria….The complaint was really bad and his passport was held and he had to give an insider 200k before he could get his passport with the visa back in time to fly down before the show started…”

As he dey talk,he was really vexing and wanted to mention the person’s name but his colleague AY stopped him”

Gordons also said the person went as far as recruiting people/agents to spread news in the UK that all his shows had been cancelled and people had already began asking for a refund.

Whoever went as far as trying to damage his career is wicked and i am sure soon the name of the Senior Colleague will be exposed with proof..
It is only in Nigeria we will hear of someone trying to use voodoo and juju to halt someone else’s career…what manner of wickedness is that?God why do you allow such people get away with their crimes????

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