Commercial from 2010 Predicted “Dwyane Wade” Would Become a Chicago Bull

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Dwyane Wade signed with the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday.

T-Mobile may have some serious clairvoyance — or maybe it was just silliness that came true.

A 2010 commercial by the communications company starring Dwyane Wade seemed to predicted the 34-year-old  all-star shooting guard would one say leave Miami for Chicago, which officially happened Wednesday.

In the 30-second spot, Wade is locked in his hotel room and sends a message over his cell for someone to “get me outta here!” which is taken by everyone else to mean he wants a trade.

Boston makes a strong push, but the commercial’s speculation ends with Chicago.

On Wednesday, Wade agreed to a two-year deal with the Bulls worth $47 million, according to multiple reports.

Wade, taken 5th overall on the 2003 draft, had played his entire career up to this point with the Heat.


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