Crocodiles set to wed in Kenya After 30 years of Courtship

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What’s thought to be one of the world’s largest crocodiles – known as Big Daddy – is to get married, it’s been announced.

He lives at the Mamba Village crocodile farm in the Kenyan city of Mombasa.

Big Daddy – who weighs more than 1,000kg and is thought to be over 100 years old – has two mates, Salma and Sasha.

Big Daddy and his two mates
Big Daddy enjoys hanging out with Salma and Sasha

Mamba Village’s David Mbatu is helping to organise the wedding.

He says Big Daddy has impressed people with his commitment to the two females, staying with them for 30 years.

The plan is to have flowers for the brides and a raw meat wedding cake, but will there be crocodile tears?

The Crocodile keeper said, it is never against the law of the land to wed crocodile and since the romance has lasted long enough, they feel they should make the relationship legal in a ceremonious manner

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