Doctors in Burundi raise alarm over high figures of pregnant school girls

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A survey which was conducted last year by the Ministry of Public health in Burundi revealed that the figures of pregnant school girls rose from 877 in 2009 to 2424 in 2015.

And it’s increased tremendously in 2016 causing doctors from the Eastern African country to raise alarm over the high figures.

According to a Burundian doctor in a statement, he said:

“The number of pregnant girls in schools continues to increase. Today, the provisional number is already superior to the last year’s.

Reacting to the high figures of pregnant girls in school Georges Gahungu from the UN Population Fund Agency in Burundi confirmed that the UNFPA has started a campaign which will inform the public about the danger of the increasing number of pregnancies in schools.

‘We have already started with ‘zero pregnancy’ campaign in schools. We have found that the students living at home are more affected than those staying in boarding schools. We hope that all stakeholders should be involved in fighting against that threat in schools.’ While, Sadique Niyonkuru in charge of information and communication in the national health program reproduction in the ministry of public health also revealed that the ministry has also created an awareness platform that will follow with sensitization of sexual health education ‘We try to interest the youth in the games set up in health centers called ‘friends of youth’ to improve the quality of services offered to young people so that they may ask for detailed information about sex. We also plan to include courses on sexual health education in primary schools and establish other extracurricular modules.’

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