DOCUMENTARY: The Path Of Blood (2018) Mp4

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Path of Blood review – into the dark, ordinary heart of al-Qaida.. Alot is revealed in this video

This chilling documentary chronicles the struggles between Saudi Arabian security forces and terrorist cells of smiling young men with Kalashnikovs

Writer-director Jonathan Hacker’s documentary offers a chilling historical document, chronicling a closed but not entirely concluded chapter in the sprawling history of 21st-century terrorism. Drawing on the skills of several editors, Hacker and co weave together footage shot by both the Saudi Arabian security forces and several interrelated Al-Qaida cells who in the early 2000s pursued a campaign of suicide bombings and assassinations in and around Riyadh.

At times, an explanatory voiceover narration from that omnipresent British baritone of authority, Samuel West, (supplemented by interjections spoken by Tom Hollander representing the “voice of Jihad”) provides terse explanations. But otherwise there’s little to no editorialising to guide viewers’ reactions, unless you’re counting the ordering of the material or Chad Hobson’s delicate.









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