DONE DEAL: Liverpool Sign Alex Manninger

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Liverpool have announced the signing of Alex Manninger to a one-year contract.

The 39-year-old, who spent five seasons with Arsenal between 1997 and 2002, has penned a one-year deal with Liverpool.


Manninger said: “Honestly, it was a surprise. After these years, in Italy and the last four years in Germany, I hadn’t given up, I hadn’t said ‘that’s it’, I still waited for the phone call.

“When Liverpool was on the phone, it was a great pleasure for me to take it on because it gives me what I was looking for. This is the moment I was waiting for until the end.

“I’ve still got something left, for sure, but obviously it’s probably not the time for me to push for the next three or four years to get a place in the goal. Because time says it’s not possible to play 50 games a year.

“But if I’m called up, I’m definitely there for games, I will play. And I’ll definitely be in the changing room every game, giving my input; I hope, even if it’s only a couple of per cent, it will do the rest.”


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