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Arrow Season 5 Episode 2 titled ” The Recruits” Oliver was forced to embrace change and create a new team that would help him continue on as mayor, while the streets of Star City were being watched for criminal activity.

You have to respect the powers that be for deciding to go this route for the show. Changing the team at the core of it was always going to be a tricky move.

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Thankfully, it paid off for the most part. Evelyn was a good choice to take up one of the spots on the team. Story wise, she has a lot to offer and her back story will probably be explored a lot in the coming weeks.

The jury is still out on Wild Dog. The dude just does not like to follow rules. I’m struggling to conclude whether that’s a positive or a negative for him.

Obviously, Oliver’s way of doing things was always going to ruffle some feathers, but he went a bit far. He threw the group straight in the deep end in order to see if they would sink or swim.

The weak link for me is definitely Curtis. I just can’t fathom why the powers that be felt the need to prop up the character by having him join the team.

He works much better when he’s sharing the screen with Felicity. Maybe I have become accustomed to watching him him and Felicity get themselves out of crazy situations.

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