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While this week’s episode starts out crazy enough (I’d love to interview some people with synesthesia to see if anyone actually “writes” symphonies via abstract painting), by its end, it almost feels like we’re back in the old days of Empire, where it’s Lyons against the world and Cookie and Lucious will cut anyone’s throat for their cubs.

We begin with Lucious and Jamal in the studio, where, as mentioned above, Lucious is trying to translate a painting into musical notes. He goes as far as to put dabs of paint on the actual piano keys. Is he re-teaching himself how to play here, or is he just trying to help show Jamal his vision? Either way, it’s obviously a beautiful song…it’s just hard for me to keep a straight face during these savant-like scenes with New Lucious. Later, Lucious works on the song even more while he’s alone, and more scenes from his past come back to him. So nice how this happens!


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