Download: How to get away with Murder Season 3 episode 4 and 5

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There are so many plot points happening, it’s hard to know where to begin, so let’s start with Annalise (Viola Davis). The episode opens with Annalise in a hair salon, where Mary J. Blige, who’s guest starring in the episode, offers some real talk. It’s a great scene — and for a second, it seems like Annalise might not be doing too bad. (We quickly learn that’s not the case.)

Last week, we saw Nate (Billy Brown) leave Annalise, telling her she was an alcoholic who needed help. When Annalise recorded a video testimony saying she was an alcoholic after losing her license, many people — this recapper included — thought she was using it as an excuse to get the license back. But it looks like Annalise really does have an addiction, and the show is handling it in a thoughtful way.

As Annalise packs up all the alcohol in her home — there’s quite a bit, it turns out — she remembers a happier time, when she and Sam (Tom Verica) toasted their move into the house. After boxing up the alcohol, she does make it to an AA meeting, where she sees the Middleton University president, Soraya Hargrove (Lauren Velez). Annalise doesn’t last long on the sober path, though, breaking down in her apartment and dancing with a bottle. (Eventually, Wes (Alfred Enoch) goes to her house and finds her in her sorry state, staying with her as she throws up.)

The move-in isn’t the only Sam and Annalise flashback, either. The episode focuses on when Sam and Annalise first met Frank (Charlie Weber).

Sam visited Frank in prison as a favor to his sister, and asked Annalise to take on his case, pro bono. Frank was eligible for parole after being incarcerated for trying to kill his father when he was just 13. At first, Annalise thought Frank wanted to stay in prison, because he committed more crimes there. Eventually, though, Frank broke down and admitted to Sam that he felt guilty for what he did. Sam told Frank that he still has good in him.










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