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Download Marvels Cloak and Dagger Season 1, Episode 9 below, first alittle recap:


We open the ninth episode of Cloak & Dagger with yet another shot of Evita’s aunt in the Quarter — whenever we’ve seen Chantelle, without much preamble at all, she’s doing something with voodoo. And this scene’s no exception: With a bottle of liquor, she spits into the sky, marking her progress on the concrete. But Chantelle’s day-drinking isn’t simply for the sake of day-drinking — when Evita drops by to check-in, the aunt tells her niece that disaster’s on the horizon.

“There is nothing in all the world that will destroy us like we will,” says Chantelle, “Another crisis is coming. Whether we want it to or not.”

Marvels cloak and dagger

Aunt Chantelle thinks that Roxxon is bringing their demise closer by digging up whole chunks of New Orleans. The corporation is, apparently, months ahead of destroying the city. But when Evita says that there’s nothing they can do to stop it, Chantelle tells her that the “divine pairing” can. She tells Evita to ask Tyrone if he’s met his pairing, because he trusts her.

It’s a timely calling, because the episode volleys between a lesson in her high school’s classroom, the past, and the present moment. Father Delgado monologues about what makes a hero (our dude references “Odysseus, Dorothy, Rick and Morty”), and, ultimately, Delgado decides that heroism lies in the moment that the anointed must rebound: “If your hero is going to be an actual hero, it has to be born again, from nothing.”

It’s the question that’s been plaguing Tandy and Tyrone: Can they really bounce back from catastrophe? It isn’t long before we see Tandy, in her church, with what looks like a bundle of cash. And on another end of the city, we watch Detective O’Reilly look on as the NOPD cleans remnants left behind by Officer Fuchs from her fridge. Offhand, O’Reilly notices a bloodied police baton tucked under the sofa, but it’s immediately snatched by the NOPD — and they hustle her out of the room. And later on, at a bar, O’Reilly runs into Connors being heralded by the department. When he calls a toast for Fuchs, O’Reilly lashes out, striking Connors in the back of the head. But it isn’t enough to bring him down, and Connors strikes O’Reilly back, repeatedly, as their co-workers look on. Afterward, he retreats, returning to a huddle of NOPD officers.

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