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Here is a review of Power Season 5 …We open on Angela having a small freak-out on the roof of Ray Ray’s building as she remembers how she helped Tasha locate Tariq’s phone earlier that evening. She’s convinced that Tasha was lying, that the phone Angela honed in on was actually Ghost’s, and that he was the person who killed Ray Ray. She pulls herself together, though, in order to sweet talk her way out of being included in the official police report about the murder. But as she makes her getaway, an Internal Affairs investigator named Blanca Rodriguez takes notice.

Know who else makes a quick exit after approaching the crime scene? Dre, who nears Ray Ray’s building, sees the cop cars, and does a fast about-face as he dials Cristobal: “We got a problem.”

Meanwhile, Saxe and Robinson question Maria Suarez, whose story about hearing James St. Patrick’s at her fiancée’s murder hasn’t changed. “I’ll never forget his voice,” she tells them tearfully. “He is Ghost.” But Mak says aural evidence isn’t enough for a bulletproof case, and Saxe suggests they keep Suarez far away from Angela, who’s far too involved in St. Patrick’s business (in every possible meaning). Robinson doesn’t agree at first, but when she can’t get a hold of Angie late on the night of Ray Ray’s death and Angela has a flimsy excuse as to why, the boss changes her mind.

Power Season 5 PreviewNUMBER ONE (SUSPECT) WITH A BULLET | But let’s back up a second. Angela goes straight from Ray Ray’s apartment to the St. Patricks’, meeting Tasha in the garage to yell at her for lying. “I gave you the location, and now he’s dead. I gave you means, motive and opportunity, right in that room. Jamie killed a New York City cop, and I’m a f—king accessory because I believed you!” she says.

So Tasha confesses that Tariq, not Ghost, killed the dirty cop with Tasha’s gun, but it’s cool, because she got rid of all the evidence. Then Angela informs Ghost’s wife about the bullet in the wall… and how it can be traced back to her weapon thanks to the search of their apartment last season. And that’s when Tasha asks Angie to make their problem go away.

“You want me to bury the records. If they never match your gun, they might not trace any of this back to you,” Angela says, probably wondering whether she’ll ever be able to go 24 hours without committing a federal crime. “Or you,” Tasha reminds her.







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