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Download Quantico season 3, episode 8 below.. First, a little recap..


Want to know what is coming on Quantico season 3 episode 8? Well, this is one of those occasions in which the episode title really speaks for itself in “Deep Cover.” That should give you a pretty good sense as the sum of the danger that lies ahead.

Anytime in agent chooses to go far undercover on a case, they are probably doing some very important work. They’re only a select few people out there in the world who actually do enjoy completely becoming immersed into another person. It can be hard to get yourself out of that situation, and along the way you start the missed your friends and loved ones. Your routine is being completely upended and that’s a pretty dangerous thing and a lot of ways.


Basically, don’t expect anyone is going to enjoy being a part of this mission.

Of course, within the lens of Quantico this sort of mission is going to be even more dangerous. Expect a lot of surprises, but also be prepared for the fact that Alex Parrish may not be able to get out of this situation alive. Even if she does, there may be some rather enormous consequences that she did not anticipate.

Quantico season 3 episode 8

Alex goes undercover with an American military contractor who is believed to have struck a deadly deal with another country; but in the end, it’s Alex’s life that’s on the line.

Military contractors can be dangerous people, and that’s without even getting into some of the trouble that can be there with other countries. Be prepared for some dramatic twists and turns and, in general, a heck of a great hour of television. We’ll see if it lives up to some of our expectations.Incase you missed the last episode, click here to download

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