Download the 100 Season 5, Episode 13 (Finale)

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Downlaod the 100 Season 5, Episode 13 below.. First, a little recap…

The 100 provided an unprecedented level of emotional whiplash with tonight’s season finale. The war for the last survivable land on earth was wrapped up rather tidily – a bit too tidily – by the 40-minute mark, leaving the last 20 minutes for an achingly beautiful ending that felt like it came from an entirely different show. Reminiscent of The Magicians’ “A Life in The Day,” and Red’s final speech in The Shawshank Redemption, the tear-jerking ending told the story of Monty and Harper’s life and death on board the ship while everyone else was in cryosleep, which eventually lead to humanity’s new home.

This season started off incredibly strong and floundered in the middle, largely held back by an unwillingness to let us in on Octavia’s perspective in general and what happened during “the dark year” in particular. This forced the show to spin its wheels for far too long and meant that the reasoning behind much of Octavia’s actions is still opaque, which leaves her feeling out of character and forced by the needs of the plot. Octavia kneeling to Madi was meant to be a far more powerful moment, but it was marred by how late it comes in the season and how little the audience has been allowed to understand why it has taken Octavia this long to make it.


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