Gabon President : We will take steps to guarantee security

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President Bongo at the lectern with Gabon flag behind him

President Ali Bongo has been posting excerpts from his address on Twitter (in French):

Mon amour pour le Gabon et le rapport qui me lie à lui m’avaient amené à proposer un double projet pour le pays

My love for Gabon and the relationship that binds me to it have led me to propose a double project for the country.”

He continues in subsequent tweets:

This project can be summed up in two words: ‘democracy and progress. The two are linked, because progress is a collective project. This project, which is close to my heart, has led me to scrupulously follow the electoral code and never to interfere with it.”

He goes on to discuss the violence that has broken out since his victory was announced:

I would like to express my sadness at the death of some of our fellow citizens. We need to put progress back on track in all our towns and villages.

All the decisions needed to guarantee our country’s security are being taken and will be taken. We’re talking about the future of Gabon. We are going to write it together.”

Smoke billows from the national assembly
Protesters set fire to Gabon’s partliament overnight

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