German police detain fugitive terror suspect

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Pictures of a person believed to be Jaber al-Bakr released by German police

German police say they have captured a suspect believed to be planning a bomb attack.

“Tired but overjoyed: we captured the terror suspect last night in Leipzig,” the police said in a tweet.

The police had been looking for the suspect, Syrian refugee Jaber al-Bakr, after raiding a flat in the nearby city of Chemnitz on Saturday.

Several hundred grams of “highly volatile” explosives were found at the property, investigators said.

A remote-controlled robot for bombing disarming is on a track of the main station of the town of Chemnitz, eastern Germany on October 8, 2016
A robot capable of disarming bombs has been deployed at Chemnitz railway station

About 100 people were evacuated from the block of flats as the explosives were moved for a controlled detonation.

Two people in contact with Mr al-Bakr were then detained at Chemnitz railway station and another person was held near the flat in the Fritz-Heckert neighbourhood.

Saxony police later released pictures of Damascus-born Mr al-Bakr wearing a hooded sweatshirt.

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