Gospel Album: Dunsin Oyekan – The Great Commission

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Esteemed Nigerian gospel artist Dunsin Oyekan once again ignites the spirit with his latest masterpiece, “The Great Commission.” This album, comprising 14 soul-stirring tracks, not only showcases Oyekan’s unparalleled musical talent but also carries a profound message that transcends borders and touches hearts globally.

From the anthemic “The Future” to the celestial “City Of God,” each track in “The Great Commission” serves as a vessel of divine revelation and worship. Oyekan’s distinctive fusion of African rhythms, impassioned melodies, and heartfelt lyrics creates an atmosphere of spiritual awakening and encounter. The album features collaborations with other talented gospel artists such as Theophilus Sunday, Nathaniel Bassey, Naomi Raine, Lawrence Oyor and a host of others.

Prepare to be uplifted, transformed, and drawn closer to the Divine as you embark on this musical odyssey of faith and devotion. “The Great Commission” isn’t just an album—it’s an invitation to experience the power and presence of God in a profound and transformative way.

Tracklist below:

Dunsin Oyekan - The Great Commission Tracklist


Download below:

01. WORTHY OF MY PRAISE ft Lawrence Oyor (Jejeupdates.com)

02. SING OVER ME (Jejeupdates.com)

03. KADOSH (Jejeupdates.com)

04. MORE THAN ANYTHING ft Nathaniel Bassey (Trumpet Soło) (Jejeupdates.com)

05. EMPEROR OF THE UNIVERSE ft Theophilus Sunday (Jejeupdates.com)

06. YESHUA (Jejeupdates.com)

07. UPPER ROOM ANTHEM (Jejeupdates.com)

08. GLORY SONG (Jejeupdates.com)

09. CITY OF GOD (Jejeupdates.com)

10. NO ME WITHOUT YOU (Jejeupdates.com)

11. ÒGO ft Theophilus Sunday (Jejeupdates.com)

12. THE WORSHIPPER’S SONG (Jejeupdates.com)

13. UNDIGNIFIED (EXCUSE ME) (Jejeupdates.com)

14. THE FUTURE ft Naomi Raine, Sheldon Bangera, Matt Laverne, Joseph Espinoza (Jejeupdates.com)

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