Gotham Season 3 First Look Promises More Villainy From [Spoiler]

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As the Season 2 finale of Fox’s Gotham suggested, a very bad baddie is back, with a vengeance.

GOTHAM PREDICTION: Donal Logue will part ways with the series by the end of Season 2. OUTCOME: Cop not out. Rather, Bullock is currently large and in charge at the GCPD! (2.75-for-9)

At the close of the DC Comics-inspired series’ sophomore run, an impromptu evacuation of Professor Strange’s Indian Hill facility found Fish Mooney commandeering a bus full of fellow test subjects — that straggly haired, emo version of Bruce Wayne included.

After the bus crashed, Fish emerged from the wreckage, her improbably resurrection making padawan-turned-adversary Penguin a bit green in the gills. Ms. Mooney then sashayed into the shadows, along with the rest of the Indian Hill freak show.

New faces on tap for Gotham Season 3, meanwhile, include Jamie Chung (Once Upon a Time) as Vicki Vale’s aunt Valerie, James Carpinello (The Good Wife) as mob boss Carmine Falcone son’s Mario, and newcomer Maggie Geha as an older, wilier Poison Ivy.

Gotham Season 3 Fish Returns

Series boss Danny Cannon on Friday shared via Twitter a photo teasing “Mooney’s entrance” in Season 3, confirming that Jada Pinkett Smith will be a part of the coming run (premiering Monday, Sept. 19).

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