Hilarious 20 Pidgin Proverbs And Their Meanings You Should Know

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The Nigerian pidgin English has become Nigeria’s unofficial language. Almost every Nigerian has come to accept and love it as part of their identity. A Nigerian who doesn’t speak pidgin well is almost like an outcast. “Pidgin” or “Brokin” as it is commonly referred to has proverbs just like Yoruba, Hausa or Igbo language. The difference is, the pidgin ones are usually very funny and connote a mild way to pass a serious message.


Here are a few Nigerian pidgin proverbs and their translations;


1. “Today’s newspaper na suya paper for tomorrow”

Meaning: No position is permanent in the long run


2. “I get am before no be property”

Meaning: You need to live in the present, not the past.


3. “If life dey show you pepper, make pepper soup”

Meaning: Always look out for the best things from the bad struggles


4. “Answer your papa name”

Meaning: Speak for yourself and only you.


5. “Na from clap dance dey start”

Meaning: It’s the tiny things you do today that leads to the big ones you do later on


6. “You no fit collect water wey dem use make eba”

Meaning: Don’t cry over spilt milk


7. “The matter wey you no want baba to hear, na im go settle am last last”

Meaning: Everything you’re hiding in secret will come out eventually.


8. “The difference between kpekere and plantain chips na packaging”

Meaning: The way you put yourself together matters a whole lot


9. No matter how your tempa hot reach, you no fit use am boil beans

Meaning: Your hot temper won’t get you anywhere


10. If person too tey for party, e go follow dem dey wash plate

Meaning: Never overstay your welcome


11. Bring suya, bring suya, na cow body dey suffer am

Translation: Every action has a consequence


12. Corny man die corny man bury man:

Translation: When a cheater is cheated by another cheater


13. Leave trash for LAWMA

Translation:  Give every man his dues


14. Soup wey sweet na money kill am

Translation: Luxury isn’t cheap


15. Opolo eye no be open eye

Translation: Just becasue you have big eyes doesn’t mean you are wise or smart


16. Every mallam with em own kettle, every aboki with him own radio

Translation: Every man for himself


17. I get am before no be property

Translation: Stop living in the past, focus on the present.


18. If mad man don beat ur mama before, if she see mechanic she go run

Translation: Once beaten twice shy


19. Pikin wey say him mama nor go sleep himself nor go sleep: 

Translation: Anyone who ferments trouble will also be a partaker of the trouble.


20. Akara and moi-moi get the same parent na wetin dey pass tru make dem different

Meaning: The finish line is the ultimate judge


21. To dey mad easy o but na the treking hard pass.

Meanwhile: Never pray to start what you cant finish.

By: kings


22. No be who call police dey win fight.

Meaning: that you’re the first to start an endeavour doesnt mean you would succeed in it.



23. This one good, this one good naim make mad man pack load full body

Always think and review your options before actions rather than listening to too many opinions that will leave you confused

By: Desmond


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21. Akara and moi-moi get the same parent na wetin dey pass tru make dem different

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